Food Guide

Our food guide helps you with all the different issues regarding choosing, buying and cooking food.

Food Database

BabyFood101's food database is a searchable list of all the foods that you would introduce to your baby during his/her first 6 months. Included is a recipe for making baby food and for cooking an adult food.

Grocery Guide

There are lots of choices when buying food. For example, eggs in the supermarket come in many different varieties such as: free-range, organic, omega-3 added, brown, etc. BabyFood101 defines these terms for you and helps you make informed choices for your baby and for yourself.

Making Baby Food

Here are some general tips on how to make baby food if you are interested in doing so. We advocate making food for yourself and then pureeing some for your little ones. This section teaches you how to store your fresh baby food as well as best practices on how to make it.

Books we like

Here we review books about cooking, baby food, and buying food.

Sites we like

Here we have placed links that will support you in your love of healthy eating.


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Our free 26 week course includes 52 age appropriate foods to try with your baby.

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