Potatoes For Your Baby

The potato has gotten a bad reputation in recent years because of the "low carb" movement. But potatoes are filled with nutrients and are really good for you and baby.

Where adults get into calorie trouble is when we load our potatoes with butter, sour cream, bacon bits and cheese, or we eat fries or potato chips (potatoes can soak up a lot of oil). Try potatoes again without all that stuff and see how you like them. There are two basic types of potatoes, baking (Idaho and Russet) and "new" potatoes that can have red or white skin. For our purposes it is probably easiest to use "new" potatoes so you don't have to do any peeling.

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When is baby ready?

6 months old

How to buy

Look for small new potatoes (red or white skin) that are quite firm.

Homemade Baby Food Recipe

Wash well and cover potatoes in water and boil until soft (20-30 minutes) and then mash for baby.

How to store

Store in a dark cupboard. They should keep for a week or more.

Are there baby food jars?


Should I buy organic?

Yes. 80% of potatoes sampled by the USDA were found to contain pesticides.

Adult Recipe

It is not recommended to add salt or sugar to baby's first food and with potatoes that can be difficult for adults. We find that potatoes can be quite bland without the addition of salt to the boiling water. One suggestion is to boil baby's first and then add salt and boil your potatoes.

Boil potatoes as above and then add butter or olive oil, chopped parsley, and serve.

Potatoes are in Week 8 of Babyfood101's Course - Please Join Us


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