Frequently Asked Questions

Who created BabyFood101?

BabyFood101 was conceived by two parents who love food and love their babies. Lisa Cain, PhD, and Matthew Cain were inspired to create BabyFood101 after attempting to introduce solids to their daughter, Ruby. They realized early on the demands of child rearing made it difficult to leisurely cook meals. Also they were shocked at the the lack of variety in prepared baby foods. Also, after years of take out, they realized that their lifestyles had to change if they were to model healthy eating for their growing child. Lisa, a biologist, came up with a fast and easy way to satisfy both the parents and the baby.

What do I get when I join BabyFood101's course?

When you sign up for BabyFood101's course you receive 6 months of one e-mail a week with information and recipes to help you to introduce new foods to your baby. Here is an example of the e-mails you will receive in your Inbox: Week 1: Rice Cereal and Bananas

All of your e-mails are in HTML format. Can I receive weekly e-mails in plain text format?

At this point in time, BabyFood101 is sending all e-mails in HTML format. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, a universally recognized Web-programming language used to format text, graphics, sound, and video. Emails sent in HTML format look similar to web-pages and will include color, graphics, hotlinks, and look "pretty". If you would like to receive e-mails in plain text format without all the colors, photos, etc., please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Is there a printable format of this week's e-mail?

Yes, every e-mail is ready to print in format that makes it easy to read and use. If you prefer, you can view and print the weekly emails directly from the web site.

If my baby is has already started solids can I still use BabyFood101?

Absolutely, you can access all the e-mails that we send and start receiving them on a weekly basis based on the age of your child. You can receive all the previous e-mails in your in-box or just access them on the website.

My baby won't be starting solids for a while. Can I still sign up?

Please go ahead and give us a start date for your voyage into introducing solids.

How often do I receive emails?

You receive e-mails once a week.

Do you take money from advertisers?

No, we do not. We remain free to endorse the best we can find for you because we take no money or stuff from manufacturers. There are so many people trying to sell you something for your baby - we believe that less stuff is preferable to more stuff.

How does BabyFood101 support itself?

BabyFood101 is a free site to users. We are using advertising revenue to support the site. BabyFood101 is not an advertorial. The advertising you see is completely independent from our opinions.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can manage your subscription on the settings page.


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