Pears For Your Baby

There are many common varieties of pears - Bosc, Bartlett and Anjou are common ones and all are delicious. Because your baby is so new at eating, we will start with the easy to find and easy to mash, Anjou pear. This pear is green all over and the most common in the United States and you should be able to find it year round. Determining the ripeness of pears is unlike peaches and other fruit that turns soft to be ready to eat. Usually, you squeeze the outside of the fruit to determine its ripeness. Pears ripen from the INSIDE OUT so you want to press your finger at the base of the stem and feel how it soft it is. If this area is soft the pear is ready to eat.

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When is baby ready?

6 months old

How to buy

Pears ripen from the inside out so you want to press your finger at the base of the stem and feel how it gives. If it is soft the pear is ready to eat. Be sure to buy a few hard ones and a few soft to have pears all week. Look for pears that don't have blemishes and that yield to soft pressure if you want to buy a ripe one. Try different varieties of pears that exist in your supermarket. For now, stay away from Bosc pears because they will be too hard for your baby to eat.

Homemade Baby Food Recipe

For baby you will have to peel the pear and then mash it up. Wait until the pear is really ripe so it will be easiest to mash it.

How to store

Store on kitchen counter. Pears will ripen here well. Refrigeration will slow the ripening process, so store in the refrigerator until ready to eat.

Are there baby food jars?


Should I buy organic?

Yes. 94% of pears sampled by the USDA were found to contain pesticides

Adult Recipe

Here is a suggestion for a special salad including pears. There is no reason you need extra fancy ingredients to add your baby's leftover pear to a salad. It's yummy!

Pear in Salad

ripe pear
chopped toasted walnuts
goat cheese
lettuce mix featuring Romaine, butter lettuce, red lettuce, arugula, etc. (not iceberg)
extra virgin olive oil
red wine vinegar
Chop pear and mix with lettuce mix. Toss with olive oil to coat and add vinegar to taste. Crumble goat cheese and add walnuts to top of salad and serve.

Pears are in Week 4 of Babyfood101's Course - Please Join Us


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